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  • If you are a contractor or an organisation and would like become an approved registered contractor with APMS send us an email today, with your details to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    APMS charges an annual registration fee to contractors to register with our company. This fee covers part of the investment APMS makes to ensure all our contractors are fully compliant, insured and registered. APMS registration process also ensures we maintain a deep understanding of the contractor's services, skills, expertise, rates, job suitability and geographical reach.

    This makes sure we place the right people for the job and helps manage contractors and client's requirements efficiently with a high level of satisfaction. It also helps us to plan and priorities, who is doing what, where, for whom, when, and with what equipment including parts requirements etc.

  • APMS contractor registration process ensures all contractors:

    • Conform to their legal contractor prequalification requirements
    • Are correctly insured (i.e. are insured for the work that you want to give them)
    • Have adequate cover (i.e. minimum requirements)
    • Provide evidence of renewal of licences/registrations and insurance tracking
    • Have the correct Licence/s or Contractor Registration/s from the relevant authority (e.g.; Office of Fair Trading/Work Cover/Police/Building
    • Services Authority/Electrical Licensing Board, Building Commission/Plumbing Industry Commission/Office of Chief Electrical Inspector)
    • Have been evaluated after consideration of any problems recorded against them
    • Hold the appropriate trade or professional accreditation where necessary
    • Have a Health & Safety Induction Certificate, where appropriate and for the appropriate state
    • Comply with the ABN/GST legislation or hold an exemption
    • All prequalification requirements are met

    APMS manages the whole service loop through robust procurement, vendor management and procure to pay technologies.
    APMS has a national network of over 10,000 trade contractors which have been approved through our stringent guidelines ensuring each contractor is appropriately trained, insured, registered, licensed, and satisfy all OH&S, legislative and statutory legal requirements.

    Our state of the art technology allows real-time job management control and service delivery in times of volume or extreme demand alleviating the burden from our clients. We ensure that all our clients' requests are being dealt with by a trained professional at all times. We become a part of your business and ensure that your brand is always protected through exceptional service management escalation, triage and approval protocols.

    We empower our front line operators to take ownership of situations and see them through to completion. This is possible due to the wealth of training we provide, enabling operators to understand building services and ask the right questions in order to achieve the optimum solution.

    We are committed to building relationships with our clients and understanding their particular requirements across their portfolio.

    We understand that working methods can differ and therefore aim to tailor our job handling in line with each individual's requirements. This is achieved by allocating operators to particular clients and constantly updating the notes on our system in an effort to learn from every circumstance we encounter.


    • Ensures all stakeholders are kept informed throughout the service delivery process – Managing services effectively requires key personnel including contractors, supervisors, administrative staff, finance and management to be integrated into the same network ensuring all interactions are managed quickly, seamlessly and efficiently.
    • Managing people and processes - Our management environment provides a complete end-to-end service that manages the full job cycle – from initial job request through to final invoicing. It also manages the people involved in the process.
    • Eliminates an unnecessary physical paper trail - providing instant up to date information is critical. Our management systems ensure delivery of all information and updates. Information is updated in real-time ensuring everyone in the service delivery cycle takes responsibility for their own entries, this cuts out manual processes, eliminating unnecessary double-handling, human error and the risk of losing documents. It also cuts out unnecessary phone calls, faxes, emails and travel which cause bottlenecks and unnecessary communication loss, resulting in unnecessary frustration, cost blowouts and hampering client satisfaction.
    • Streamlines and standardises work practices - our commitment to service delivery, ensures all our personnel follow a set order of tasks and sequences; ensuring work is handled in an orderly and consistent manner and delivered on time and on budget;
    • Maximises visibility - this ensures we can foresee problems before they occur allowing management to rapidly intervene to ensure targets are met and penalties avoided;
    • Manages "Smart" selection - we manage and interact with 1000's of people daily, our management systems ensure we have the best person on the job. This is achieved through our intelligence systems that provide up to the minute intelligence of external and internal staff based on skills, specialisation, availability, past performance and compliance;
    • Meeting compliance obligations – we ensure all our personnel and contractors conform to their legal contractor prequalification requirements, are correctly insured, licensed/ registered with appropriate authorities including office of Fair Trading/Work Cover/ Police/Building Services Authority/Electrical Licensing Board, Building Commission/ Plumbing Industry Commission/Office of Chief Electrical Inspector;
    • Managing communications - communications is key to delivering robust solutions, our systems and processes enables key personnel to upload information, notes, documentation, variations and photographic evidence, enabling them to work more efficiently while providing management with a valuable audit trail;
    • Procurement, vendor management, procure-to-pay - managing the growing complexity of purchasing requires integrated business information technology. APMS is committed to ensuring it has the best of breed technology that streamlines the business's entire purchasing process minimising costs maximising efficiencies.
  • APMS has a growing portfolio of clients and assist it's expanding national contractor base expand their business by supporting both our business and our clients through our robust contractor registration and provisioning services and capabilities.

    For more information please refer to the APMS Property Services Brochure. You can also request an information Pack on how to become an Accredited Registered Contractor with APMS by sending us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling us on 1300 193 148.