Managed Services

APMS in the coming months will provide a full range of property maintenance and management capabilities, services and solutions aimed at owners, managers and lease holders with multi-site property portfolios.

  • APMS is in a strong position to offer various commercial delivery models to cater for various client requirements. Our delivery models will include comprehensive head-contract arrangements to an agency based managed service approach.

    APMS manages this through a national network of over a 10,000 licensed and accredited suppliers and service providers in Facilities Management, Asset Management, Environmental Management, Waste Management and Engineering Services.

  • The main focus of our Managed Services is to coordinate and manage services from a centralised location to provide a total building maintenance and management solution. Our services include: Preventative Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance, Minor Works, Programmed Maintenance, Technical and Miscellaneous Services, Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance, Security Services, Rubbish Removal, Pest Control, Venue Management etc.

    Our network of service providers and service specialists are experienced and equipped in catering for a broad range hard and soft services catering for:

    • Universities and educational facilities
    • Body corporate
    • Hospitals, including major health networks
    • Casinos
    • Retirement homes
    • Entertainment complexes
    • Education Facilities
    • Leisure centers
    • Retail complexes
    • Commercial buildings
    • Heavy Industrial and manufacturing complexes
    • Commercial and residential high-rise buildings etc

    Benefits ensure:

    • Reduced cost of maintaining and operating assets
    • Better forward planning and information capture
    • Strategic maintenance and management in preference to an emergency response
    • Cost savings through continuous improvements
    • Comparative benchmarking of contractor performance
    • Sustainability through innovation
    • The use of leading edge technological solutions ensuring visibility and accountability
    • Increased satisfaction
    • Powerful analysis and reporting regarding asset performance, energy and environmental impacts
    • Massive leverage ensuring the most competitive rates
    • Increased demand greater transparency, risk management and compliance
    • Reduced management and operating costs which will enhance property values & ROI
    • Excellence in global best practice service delivery methods efficiencies and practices

    APMS will be in a strong position to offer various commercial delivery models to cater for various client requirements. Our delivery models will include comprehensive head-contract arrangements to an agency based managed service approach.

    Our Managed Services Capabilities will be managed through a team of experienced management personnel with a minimum of 20 years' experience. The APMS Managed Services management Team will have significant experience in delivering FM services as part of the PPP model. Our solutions include the following services:

    • Asset management – strategic asset solutions, including asset planning, life-cycle assessment and management, preventative maintenance strategy development and implementation
    • Critical systems analysis
    • Environmental management solutions – energy management, water and waste and recycling
    • Refurbishment and major plant program planning and replacements
    • Budgeting and cost management
    • CMMS development and implementation
    • Maintenance planning and scheduling
    • Management of ongoing service provisions
    • Reactive maintenance management – 24 x 7 Help Desk services
    • Inspection and monitoring services
    • Essential services certification, including regulatory compliance and OH&S
    • On-site first response teams
    • Comprehensive management of soft services, including planning, procurement and management of cleaning, landscaping, security, waste removal etc.

    APMS is committed to becoming the number 1 choice managing 2bn in services under management. By providing fully integrated managed services through innovative world class service delivery models. Supported with exceptional quality. Led by an industry first accreditation program focused on re-energizing the workforce of its panel suppliers, service providers and vendors with a commitment to service excellence. This commitment will maximize experience, talent and resources and add real value beyond day-to-day management.

    In addition to this, APMS is committed to providing long term sustainability in providing cost, service, performance, improvement outcomes for their clients.

  • Australian Property Management Solutions is resourced with over 300 specialist consultants. Each of our consultants have a minimum of 10 years' experience with specific competencies related to Facilities Management, Assets Management, Environmental Management, Waste Management and Engineering Services.

    Through this team of senior operations managers, industry specialists, and advisors, we have a proven track record for exceeding our client's expectations.

    Establishing partnering relationships with our clients and suppliers contributes significantly to the management of efficient operations and paves the way for improved performance, cost reduction and sustainable innovative service delivery.

    Our goal is to achieve world class performance in optimising service delivery and increasing client satisfaction. Our experience gives us unmatched insight into effective service and contract management.

    Members of our team are highly sought after, highly experienced and well credentialed. Australian Property Management Solutions is committed to working in the best interest of our clients. This matched with our extensive industry knowledge, experience and ingenuity allows our clients to feel confident that Australian Property Management Solutions provides innovative solutions that address their property maintenance and management requirements across their organisations property and site portfolios.

    We focus on achieving quality and sustainable outcomes with a commitment to OH&S and environmental management.

  • Our aim is to guide and support our network of licensed & accredited suppliers, service providers & vendors through the many complex choices, help them increase efficiency, and ensure the best return on investment. We are committed to seeing great ideas translated into real business outcomes. This is backed by our commitment and commercial investment models.

    Australian Property Management Solutions Market Access Assessment, Accreditation & Licensing Program, takes on a leadership position:

    • Led by enterprise architecture, that achieves long term sustainable transformational results
    • As a trusted partner, advisor and authority in business transformation we work with our network of suppliers, service providers & vendors to become more effective and efficient, aligned with exceeding client expectations.
    • Working with organisations to better understand who they are, who they are serving, what they are delivering, how they are delivering it, and how to become more efficient and effective at delivering it. Harnessing world's best practices, processes, methodologies and approaches
    • Setting objectives with the achievement of organisational goals, via a methodology and approach that engenders a culture and capability of producing sustainable and repeatable results reflective of a shared vision.
    • Helps to define the blueprint and roadmap to transform businesses by leveraging sound and logical principals that bring about competitive advantage and business value.

    For more information please refer to the APMS Market Access Brochure