Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Industry plays a key role in managing the life cycle of our built environment. It is also an important contributor to Australia’s economy and the wider community.

  • Functioning, well-managed buildings are vital to the fabric of our society. Millions of people interact with these structures daily in every aspect of their lives. We continually interact without giving them a second thought though they frame our lives as a constant. The reality is that these buildings require 24 hour maintenance with attention to every aspect of their function and environment.

    In Australia alone, the Facilities Management Industry is a $20bn per annum industry growing year-on-year. As market spend increases, building owners receive inconsistent results at best from their investment. There is large key person risk with results weighing heavily on the quality of the Property manager to deliver. This is compounded by the co-ordination of different services providers, a high churn rate and no universal quality control or standards. Business inefficiencies, cost blow-outs and wasted resources result. This does not have to be the case.

    Australian Property Management Solutions Pty Ltd (APMS) is positioned to capitalise on the large gap in the market by being a first mover in combining the supply of onsite consulting and advisory services, managed services, service delivery and supplier accreditation. With a national resource of over 300 Subject Matter Experts focused on Facilities, Asset, Waste, Environmental Management & Engineering Services, these subject matter experts are focused on providing optimised solutions to organisations, which have multi-site property portfolios.

    In addition to this APMS, will be resourced with over 1000 of the best suppliers, service providers and vendors to support its position in the market. As one of the most prominent providers in the Managed Services Space competing with some of the world’s best national and international organisations. APMS will provide the gateway to this network of Suppliers, Service Providers & Vendors to a $2 Billion services spend within 5 years. APMS will be primed to capture large market share for each of its chosen markets, with a key focus on becoming the compelling choice of total end-to-end property maintenance and management services across Facilities, Asset, Waste, and Environmental Management & Engineering Services.

    The Facilities Management Industry plays a key role in managing the life cycle of our built environment. It is also an important contributor to Australia’s economy and the wider community.


    The Facilities Management industry has evolved through widespread outsourcing of its business activities, such as the management and maintenance of buildings. The industry plays a significant role in planning and management of three linked stages: facility creation, operation and disposal.

    Success in the Facilities Management Industry is dependent on promoting an innovative culture and delivering these into the market place. We aim to highlight the contribution that facilities management brings to workplace productivity via greater industry collaboration, research and development.

  • APMS focus is centered on strategic management, advisory support services and solutions for our clients to analyse how they engage with Facilities Management service providers and suppliers. Our scope includes the efficient and effective operation of buildings whilst reducing operational life cycle costs.

    We create opportunities for suppliers and service providers to adhere to their responsibilities of ensuring that services are delivered in a way that contributes to the productivity and profitability of building occupants, as well as improved returns for owners and investors.


    We recognise that the Facilities Management Industry is in a strong position to influence decisions made by business and governments to produce lower environmental impacts and focus on providing solutions which reduce our client’s organization’s footprint. 

  • Australian Property Management Solutions is resourced with over 300 specialist consultants. Each of our consultants have a minimum of 10 years' experience with specific competencies related to Facilities Management, Assets Management, Environmental Management, Waste Management and Engineering Services.

    Through this team of senior operations managers, industry specialists, and advisors, we have a proven track record for exceeding our client's expectations.

    Establishing partnering relationships with our clients and suppliers contributes significantly to the management of efficient operations and paves the way for improved performance, cost reduction and sustainable innovative service delivery.

    Our goal is to achieve world class performance in optimising service delivery and increasing client satisfaction. Our experience gives us unmatched insight into effective service and contract management.

    Members of our team are highly sought after, highly experienced and well credentialed. Australian Property Management Solutions is committed to working in the best interest of our clients. This matched with our extensive industry knowledge, experience and ingenuity allows our clients to feel confident that Australian Property Management Solutions provides innovative solutions that address their property maintenance and management requirements across their organisations property and site portfolios.

    We focus on achieving quality and sustainable outcomes with a commitment to OH&S and environmental management.

  • Our aim is to guide and support our network of licensed & accredited suppliers, service providers & vendors through the many complex choices, help them increase efficiency, and ensure the best return on investment. We are committed to seeing great ideas translated into real business outcomes. This is backed by our commitment and commercial investment models.

    Australian Property Management Solutions Market Access Assessment, Accreditation & Licensing Program, takes on a leadership position:

    • Led by enterprise architecture, that achieves long term sustainable transformational results
    • As a trusted partner, advisor and authority in business transformation we work with our network of suppliers, service providers & vendors to become more effective and efficient, aligned with exceeding client expectations.
    • Working with organisations to better understand who they are, who they are serving, what they are delivering, how they are delivering it, and how to become more efficient and effective at delivering it. Harnessing world's best practices, processes, methodologies and approaches
    • Setting objectives with the achievement of organisational goals, via a methodology and approach that engenders a culture and capability of producing sustainable and repeatable results reflective of a shared vision.
    • Helps to define the blueprint and roadmap to transform businesses by leveraging sound and logical principals that bring about competitive advantage and business value.

    For more information please refer to the APMS Market Access Brochure