Environmental Management

Current economic and environmental pressures are influencing our existence. Global warming is a real concern for many and we have an obligation to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions have been the primary contributor to extreme changes in climate and increased global temperatures. Changes such as rising sea levels, floods, extreme variation in climate patterns are the result of manmade carbon emissions creating environmental and economic consequences. The time has come where businesses must take action to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

    Corporate culture has had a major shakeup in the face of the current financial and climatic conditions. It is now mandatory, that businesses conduct assessments on how their services or products are produced, operational procedures and what impact they have at a social and environmental context. These assessments will focus on how businesses are altering their practices to achieve energy conservation, efficiency and adopt green energy solutions.

    Effective energy management solutions including monitoring systems can provide a number of benefits, such as conserving energy, reducing depletion of natural resources, minimizing impact in ecological disasters and minimise wastage or losses. What this means for the corporate sector is more efficient energy usage that has social, moral and financial benefits. For the ledger, it means cheaper and cost effective solutions that can save money by using less energy, managing assets efficiently and expanding the life cycle of plant and equipment.

    The implementation of carbon neutral practices will be unavoidable either through government legislation, the cost increase in energy consumption or through social pressure. Energy management and conservation will be high on every business management agenda. Rising costs in energy, government audits and environmental impact assessments will be the main criteria in establishing an energy management platform solution. Businesses will be looking to technology and service providers that can assist in managing and auditing their energy use.

    Changes in attitude will primarily be driven by the bottom line and the long term benefits of implementing the appropriate energy management system. Legislative requirements for audits, rising costs of energy is also a key factor in clients wanting to undertake energy audits to assess possible improvements to the buildings performance.

    The energy management systems will provide building owners/managers clear accountability for all energy use and necessitate appropriate allocation of financial and staffing resources as well as reporting procedures.

    From a Compliance or Legislative perspective, it is now mandatory that all businesses/building owners will be required to provide the government with annual reports on their entire energy/utilities use. The reports will record and document the annual energy used, what measures were taken to reduce energy use and how efficiently energy was consumed.


    Legislation will require businesses to present measures taken to reduce energy use and how their business activities have impacted the environment. The auditing process can provide financial benefits if companies are proactive in using data collected and implementing solutions that create genuine energy savings. The reduction of energy use can be used to claim carbon credits that are tradeable on local stock exchanges.

    Existing, new developments and buildings will need to comply with internationally approved energy efficiency standards (depending on region and location) that are determined by the continual overall performance of the building. The most universally accepted is the complex LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in 1998.

    It is important to note that a LEED certification requires continual improved practices and monitoring of the building performance. Any abandonment or lax attitudes to the buildings performance may fail to retain its certification. Tracking new mandates will also be part of our service in assisting the building owners to achieve and maintain certification.

    • Energy reviews & audits
    • Reporting & recommendations
    • Implementation, improvement and sustainability programs
    • Government Green Grants

    Our team of environmental management experts provides our clients with advice and assistance on climate change issues, such as mandatory reporting obligations, legal structures for mandatory carbon offsets, the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and contractual pass-through of carbon risk, and carbon capture and storage. This means that our team is able to provide the most informed innovative, expert and comprehensive strategic advice available in relation to the issues raised by greenhouse gas and climate change in Australia and around the world.

    The APMS Environmental Management team is uniquely placed to supply both the breadth and depth of the consulting and advisory services. Fully informed by overseas and local developments, our consulting and advisory services are responsive to the ramifications of these developments and coordinated across all the relevant areas to ensure compliance with legislative guidelines and statutory requirements.

  • Australian Property Management Solutions is resourced with over 300 specialist consultants. Each of our consultants have a minimum of 10 years' experience with specific competencies related to Facilities Management, Assets Management, Environmental Management, Waste Management and Engineering Services.

    Through this team of senior operations managers, industry specialists, and advisors, we have a proven track record for exceeding our client's expectations.

    Establishing partnering relationships with our clients and suppliers contributes significantly to the management of efficient operations and paves the way for improved performance, cost reduction and sustainable innovative service delivery.

    Our goal is to achieve world class performance in optimising service delivery and increasing client satisfaction. Our experience gives us unmatched insight into effective service and contract management.

    Members of our team are highly sought after, highly experienced and well credentialed. Australian Property Management Solutions is committed to working in the best interest of our clients. This matched with our extensive industry knowledge, experience and ingenuity allows our clients to feel confident that Australian Property Management Solutions provides innovative solutions that address their property maintenance and management requirements across their organisations property and site portfolios.

    We focus on achieving quality and sustainable outcomes with a commitment to OH&S and environmental management.

  • Our aim is to guide and support our network of licensed & accredited suppliers, service providers & vendors through the many complex choices, help them increase efficiency, and ensure the best return on investment. We are committed to seeing great ideas translated into real business outcomes. This is backed by our commitment and commercial investment models.

    Australian Property Management Solutions Market Access Assessment, Accreditation & Licensing Program, takes on a leadership position:

    • Led by enterprise architecture, that achieves long term sustainable transformational results
    • As a trusted partner, advisor and authority in business transformation we work with our network of suppliers, service providers & vendors to become more effective and efficient, aligned with exceeding client expectations.
    • Working with organisations to better understand who they are, who they are serving, what they are delivering, how they are delivering it, and how to become more efficient and effective at delivering it. Harnessing world's best practices, processes, methodologies and approaches
    • Setting objectives with the achievement of organisational goals, via a methodology and approach that engenders a culture and capability of producing sustainable and repeatable results reflective of a shared vision.
    • Helps to define the blueprint and roadmap to transform businesses by leveraging sound and logical principals that bring about competitive advantage and business value.

    For more information please refer to the APMS Market Access Brochure