Vendor Management Resource Hub

Our vendor management resource hub maintains all information relating to vendor services, skills, expertise, rates, job suitability and geographical reach including after hours on call availability. This ensures APMS can constantly exceed building quality standards. Meaning great outcomes for our clients through deployment of the right people, with the correct technical skills and materials.

vendor management solutionIt also ensures we can deliver emergency response / make safe works across all sectors, plumbing, electrical including fire / flood damaged structures affected by natural disasters.

It also ensures we can provide cost effective, solutions based services across all job requests resulting in efficient resolution.

E-Invoicing is an item on the agenda of all forward thinking organisations in the property sector. Processing huge volumes of invoices in different formats from different contractors has, for years, created logistical problems for accounts payable teams. The net result of this is usually to throw costly labour at the issue.

APMS Vendor Management Resource Hub, offers organisations the opportunity for its clients to reduce their fabric repair invoicing to one consolidated invoice per week, per property, from a single source at an agreed time.

This is achieved due to the E-Invoicing function built into the bespoke APMS Vendor Management Resource Hub system. The process includes e-invoice approval on the APMS Vendor Management Resource Hub system with the option for coding and cost apportionment.

Furthermore APMS Vendor Management Resource Hub is able to generate an automatic upload file compatible with any client account system that facilitates automatic upload.