Governance Framework

We recognise good corporate governance enhances credibility and improves stakeholders' interests. Maintaining a good, solid, and sensible framework of corporate governance has been and remains one of APMS's top priorities.

APMS is firmly committed to a set of ethics and principles that cover every aspect of our business. They begin with how we treat our own people and move through our relations with stakeholders, business partners, service providers, clients through to the wider communities in which we operate.

APMS code on Corporate Governance creates the framework and principles for how we set out company policies and procedures. APMS code covers every aspect of our business to ensure our behaviour is consistent with our vision, mission and values. Since corporate governance is an evolving process, our Code serves as a constant guide - we will review our principles and practices in light of experience, regulatory changes and market developments.

APMS strives for excellence in corporate governance. We are reinforcing and enhancing APMS reputation as a world-class organisation.