Contractor and Compliance Management

APMS compliance team follow stringent guidelines that ensure all our approved registered contractors are fully compliant with up to date:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Work Cover insurance
  • Licenses
  • Contractor Registrations and ABN
  • Contractor Certification and OH&S/WHS requirements
  • Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements

If you are a contractor or an organisation and would like become an approved registered contractor with APMS send us an email today, with your contact details to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

APMS charges an annual registration fee to contractors to register with our company. This fee covers part of the investment APMS makes to ensure all our contractors are fully compliant, insured and registered. APMS registration process also ensures we maintain a deep understanding of the contractor’s services, skills, expertise, rates, job suitability and geographical reach.

This makes sure we place the right people for the job and helps manage contractors and client’s requirements efficiently with a high level of satisfaction. It also helps us to plan and prioritise, who is doing what, where, for whom, when, and with what equipment including parts requirements etc.

APMS contractor registration process ensures all contractors:

  • Conform to their legal contractor prequalification requirements
  • Are correctly insured (i.e. are insured for the work that you want to give them)
  • Have adequate cover (i.e. minimum requirements)
  • Provide evidence of renewal of licences/registrations and insurance tracking
  • Have the correct Licence/s or Contractor Registration/s from the relevant authority (eg; Office of Fair Trading/Work Cover/Police/Building Services Authority/Electrical Licensing Board, Building Commission/Plumbing Industry Commission/Office of Chief Electrical Inspector)
  • Have been evaluated after consideration of any problems recorded against them
  • Hold the appropriate trade or professional accreditation where necessary
  • Have a Health & Safety Induction Certificate, where appropriate and for the appropriate state
  • Comply with the ABN/GST legislation or hold an exemption
  • Prequalification requirements are met