Consulting, Advisory, Service Delivery Services and Capabilities

Australian Property Management Solutions provides a range of Consulting, Advisory and Service Delivery Services and Capabilities assisting our clients achieve their objectives. The core of our Project Management, Consulting, Advisory and Service Delivery capability and expertise is cantered on delivering efficiencies, service, and cost and performance improvements, for property assets on behalf of major property groups.

We achieve this through structured project management, service delivery reviews, negotiation of service contracts and procurement of group purchasing arrangements. APMS assist clients with strategic decisions impacting service delivery effectiveness, cost drivers, visibility and accountability maximising value for money outcomes. APMS also assist clients conduct rating and energy assessments, life cycle assessments and planning, plant replacement and upgrades.

Our capability extends across Facilities, Assets, Waste, Environmental and Engineering Services and is detailed in APMS Corporate Capability Overview and Service Delivery Brochures. Request your copy today by sending us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.