Communications Hub

APMS co-ordinate the management of all jobs and service requests and trades, through our centralised 24/7 Helpdesk and Service Request Portal, which is resourced with over 100 highly experienced helpdesk operators. This:

  • Provides a cost effective solution to best manage all repairs and maintenance and job and service requests;
  • Streamlines Job Service Management, for all property repairs and maintenance requests through one centralised location;
  • Provides technology smarts reducing/eliminating internal administration burden placed on our client’s personnel resulting in savings and efficiencies;
  • Manages and prioritise service requests, keeping key stakeholders in the loop at all times through proprietary customer interfacing technologies. This would include property owners, landlords, tenants, property managers, claims officers etc.
  • APMS manages the whole service loop through robust procurement, vendor management and procure to pay technologies. APMS has a national network of over 10,000 trade contractors which have been approved through our stringent guidelines ensuring each contractor is appropriately trained, insured, registered, licensed, and satisfy all OH&S, legislative and statutory legal requirements.

Our state of the art technology allows real-time job management control and service delivery in times of volume or extreme demand alleviating the burden from our clients. We ensure that all our clients’ requests are being dealt with by a trained professional at all times. We become a part of your business and ensure that your brand is always protected through exceptional service management escalation, triage and approval protocols.

We empower our front line operators to take ownership of situations and see them through to completion. This is possible due to the wealth of training we provide, enabling operators to understand building services and ask the right questions in order to achieve the optimum solution.

We are committed to building relationships with our clients and understanding their particular requirements across their portfolio. We understand that working methods can differ and therefore aim to tailor our job handling in line with each individual’s requirements. This is achieved by allocating operators to particular clients and constantly updating the notes on our system in an effort to learn from every circumstance we encounter.

We utilise our own bespoke systems to retain information on all client properties. Retaining information allows us to be proactive from managing an emergency situation through to addressing minor faults. This may mean calling out the M&E contractor in situ, liaising with the security personnel on site or logging calls with the lift maintenance contractor due to an entrapment. As a company we are dedicated to managing service provisions for our clients and pride ourselves in exceeding expectations.

Once a client job is logged with APMS, our operators will allocate works to the relevant term contractor for that discipline and area. At this point an email is sent to the client informing them which contractor has been assigned, when they will be on site and an amount that the contractor must not exceed (if the client has not already allocated an amount).

From this point forward the client will automatically be sent emails whenever the job is updated, i.e. when the contractor has arrived at site, when works have been completed or whether there are further works that need to be addressed.

The client can also make notes in the status section of the instruction which will be passed on to the operators instantly through an urgent message section on the operator screen.

By using this process both the client and contractor are kept fully informed of all stages, from the instruction being placed, to the completion of the job and on top of that, APMS operators are always on hand to make sure all instructions are carried out smoothly, successfully and to the clients expectations.