APMS fully understand the complexity of managing and maintaining commercial building space. Sustainability, environmental protection, lifecycle performance and returns are key drivers for investors, developers, owners and tenants across both public and private sectors.

APMS provide multidisciplinary services across our client’s commercial property portfolio, including due-diligence reports, life cycle costing analysis, development of service schedules and provisioning of services through to managing services on a day to day basis.

The vast experience of APMS personnel has seen us work across a vast range of site conditions, overcoming the inherent challenges of best managing and maintaining commercial Properties of various sizes. This includes mixed use developments, leisure resorts, defence projects, data centres, hospitals, prisons, retail, airport terminals, and education facilities.

APMS design cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet the specific requirements of any client. Our quality assurance system ensures that our clients receive consistently excellent service throughout the lifecycle of every service we provision and manage.

APMS service excellence in the commercial property sector is firmly supported by the experience of our key people across our management, operational and delivery teams by apply our staffing, maintenance and project capabilities across this sector.

APMS is committed to growing our client portfolio on a national to include some of Australia’s leading household name retailers, financial institutions, healthcare organisations and commercial property managers.

Managing and maintaining Commercial Buildings is the backbone of our business. Our market-leading ability to provide building maintenance and building management services sets us apart from our competitors.

Our expertise is wide-ranging to include large scale commercial office towers to smaller residential and mixed use developments.

APMS expertise in managing and provisioning hard and soft services including mechanical, electrical, communications, security, lifts, hydraulics and building automation ensures that APMS is well-placed to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients.

Our clients know they can rely on APMS to preserve and enhance the considerable value of their mixed-use, commercial or owner-occupied office properties, facilities and assets across Australia.