The APMS Business

Australian Property Management Solutions (APMS) is a provider of essential services focusing on the Property Management and Maintenance Industries.

APMS aims to provide world class solutions to clients and suppliers by partnering with them to best meet their business objectives.

This is achieved by understanding their most pressing business questions using a high touch model of consultants geared to supply compelling business propositions. The end goal is to bring a new standard of service and deliver exceptional results to the client.

APMS has a unique business model centering on a highly leveraged, outsource model using accredited consultants and suppliers to significantly reduce costs, increase efficiencies and increase profitability. The integration of the business units, provide economies of scale, crossselling opportunities and reassures clients that they will receive exacting standards at every phase of their service from APMS.

the apms business

APMS is a first mover in the industry in combining the supply of onsite consulting and advisory services, service delivery, managed services and supplier and consultant accreditation. Each business unit is a multi-million dollar revenue generator to the company.

Targeting significant Australian companies with considerable property interests APMS will build a national business with revenues of at least $190m in its first year of operations expanding to $256m by 2014.

Supplier Accreditation

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Consulting Services
Provision of high quality property consulting and advisory services delivering tangible benefits to clients

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Revenue*: $194m
Profit*: $80m
Service Delivery
Management of critical property environments managed by dedicated APMS consultants

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Revenue*: $97m
Profit*: $48m
Managed Services
Provision of 100% outsourced building management services using APMS accredited suppliers

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Revenue*: $25m
Profit*: -$4.5m
Supplier Accreditation
Accreditation of suppliers to enhance business practices to improve service standards to clients

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Revenue*: $347m
Profit*: $208m

* Cumulative Year 4