Revenue and Profitability Projections

After the launch phase of 2010/2011, the company anticipates strong revenue and profit across all 4 of its business units with $256m in revenue and $138m in profit in 2014.

revenue projections1Financial Summary

Key strengths of the APMS business model are that the company:

  • Is cashflow positive after launch
  • Has 4 strong income streams
  • Has a high gross profit margin compared to industry peers a result of its resourcing and management capabilities

Any projection would necessarily contain such a broad range of potential outcomes and possibilities that it would be unreliable; however for illustrative purposes; an outline of pro forma projections is outlined below. For a detailed view of the projected cash flows for APMS to 2014, only interested parties in investment will be given access.

Projected Profit & Loss

revenue projections2

Projected Profit & Loss - Income Statement

revenue projections3

revenue projections4

revenue projections5

revenue projections6

revenue projections7

revenue projections8