The Company is led by the founder, Chris Michael, who has the vision, tenacity and drive to ensure that APMS succeeds. As the Company has decided by resolution to become a public unlisted company, there will be a requirement to appoint a minimum of 3 Directors and an auditor.

Chris Michael is the Managing Director of Australian Property Management Solutions. With over 12 years experience in the business arena focused on property maintenance, management and international trade, Chris has been consultant, facilitator and dealmaker to a variety of ASX-listed and private companies.

Chris has worked extensively with some of Australia’s largest companies to assist with planning, goals and spend analysis amongst other roles. Chris’s key drivers are leadership, strategic direction and tactical implementation.

APMS is the result of a decade long dream driven by the urge to influence industry, governments and the community.

Values such as hard work, honesty and integrity were instilled in Chris from a young age and these principles have been the foundations that have seen his involvement with large organisations from the bottom levels through to the top.

His personal motto is “Being good is simply not good enough” and he strives to inspire people to stretch their thinking into new boundaries and always challenge the accepted.

APMS intends to identify key individuals with specific skills and experience of relevance to ensure a balanced focus as well as contribute to the introduction of rigorous Corporate Governance standards. These developments will take place to improve maximum shareholder protection as well as protection for employees and clients, supplier’s service providers, vendors etc. APMS will be supported by external companies supplementing the experience and competencies necessary to successfully manage this company.

APMS is preparing itself for the future. To reduce the possible personnel risk as well as to strengthen the technical and managerial competencies in the business, APMS has completed and costed a recruitment plan that will fill a number of roles over the coming months until launch. Over the next 2 years, in order for the business model to reach maturity, a resourcing plan has identified the need for 1000 alone to support the APMS Accreditation program, with varying tiers include:

  • Business Development Managers
  • Program Assessment Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • General Managers
  • Consultants
  • Program Training
  • Program Support Staff
  • Compliance
  • Administration

Keeping overheads to a minimum at this early stage is a priority until revenue streams commence. As indicated above, key personnel roles will be taken up by board members and external companies until financially viable to recruit personnel. It is expected that personnel will be appointed at the end of the initial capital raising.