Business Highlights

APMS provides robust, dynamic & essential services solutions that deliver compelling business & value efficiencies.

4 High Value Services
Australian Property Management Services Pty Ltd (APMS) is positioned to capitalise on the large gap in the property management market by being an exceptional provider, combining 4 high value services: onsite consulting and advisory services, managed services, service delivery and supplier accreditation. Each has strong delivery and transformational capability and is forecast to be a multi-million revenue stream to the Company.
Delivers Compelling Cost and Business Efficiencies To Clients
By using APMS, clients will experience significant cost, service, performance risk, compliance sustainability & contractual improvements. APMS will deliver strong bankable propositions to clients, by outsourcing of non-core services and allowing in-house resources to be managed more efficiently. APMS delivers significant value to suppliers and their employees via its world class Accreditation Program.
New Integrated Business Model
The APMS business model is unique in that it offers complete integration of consulting, service delivery and accreditation using a single point of contact. This is a compelling competitive advantage as clients can be reassured that quality is maintained, services are delivered and efficiencies found. The model also incorporates operational excellence is set to redefine industry benchmarks.
Billion Dollar Market Potential
Each APMS business unit is a multi-million dollar revenue generator to the company operating in both the $20bn per annum Facilities Management market and the $195bn property and business services market*.
* IBIS World, Property & Business Services, Jan 2010
Satisfies Expansive Market Need
The buildings and facilities management industries are highly fragmented. The largest players tend to focus on larger infrastructure projects indicating that there are numerous, significant market opportunities for APMS to capitalise on.
Strong Earnings Potential
APMS will produce significant income and profit potential as it occupies a vacant space in the market and offers compelling benefits to all employees, stakeholders, clients, suppliers, service providers and vendors. APMS is forecasting based on revenue forecasts to have accumulated income of $408m by Year 3 of operation and earnings of $159m. The reach generated by APMS via its network of consultants and suppliers, service providers & Vendors will be significant.
Significant IP Generates Barriers To Entry
APMS is generating significant IP through all its business units in the forms of processes, systems, accreditation & licensing programs. The supplier accreditation and transformation program will provide world-class supply chain management through training, assessment and consulting. This creates barriers to entry for other companies contemplating following a similar path to APMS.
Defined Exit Strategy
APMS intends an IPO on the ASX in 2-3 years at a significant premium to the Pre-IPO share price in order to offer early stage investors the opportunity to exit if desired.