Our Brand, Vision & Values

APMS Brand

APMS brand is at the core of our organisation. It is reflective of the APMS service promise. It is reflective of everything we do and everything we say. It reflects our core beliefs, and the values that drive our vision ‘To be the leader in service excellence in all aspects of property maintenance and property management.

The APMS brand identifies the way we see ourselves, and also helps our clients identify APMS as a true market leader. Defined by our commitment to provide an unparalleled level of client service satisfaction. APMS brand identity helps differentiate us from our competitors as an all-encompassing property maintenance property management organisation.

Our visions and values

APMS vision is founded on the firm position that we maintain a market leading capability driven by a wealth of experience and client understanding. This guides our direction, decisions and market position no matter where we are or what we do.

Our vision

To be the market leader in property maintenance and property management services competing with our leading national and international peers.

Our values

APMS values:

  • leadership with Stewardship for Today and Tomorrow
  • active Care for People, Relationships, Safe Places, Challenges - People and their Safety are Foremost, Passionate for the Best in Relationships, Ensuring that Work Brings the Right Challenges
  • responsibility and Certainty - Value Creation, Realised Outcomes, Minimising Risk, Consistency
  • know Solutions - Setting the Right Priorities, Being Innovative, Holistic Approach, Value-Based Framework, Enabling the Journey Ahead
  • transparency and Trust - Promoting Mutual Respect, Dealing in Reality – Truth and Facts, Acting with Integrity, Open & Honest Engagement
  • respect – understanding differences, acceptance, acknowledgement, valuing other people’s models of the worldtTrust – reliability, confidentiality, doing the right thing, belief that people will do what they say and to the best of their ability
  • communication – actively listening, politeness, tactfulness, understanding, respectfulness, compassion, negotiation, taking in what people say
  • equity/fairness – being just, balanced, no favouritism, no disadvantages
  • teamwork – cooperation, compromise, humour, friendships, helping others if we can, going in the same direction, flexibilitywWork Ethic – doing all it takes, dedication, accuracy, recognition of strengths, becoming better, being positive

It is the expectation of all team members to uphold these values.

Ingenuity: developing solutions for a better tomorrow

  • We develop solutions which positively impact our stakeholders (clients, community, employees and partners)
  • We create solutions by looking at things from different angles
  • We bring continuous improvements to our clients
  • We seek out and share knowledge and ideas

Collaboration: Achieve more together

  • We work together to bring the best of APMS to our clients and communities and markets we serve
  • We strive to understand our clients’ need, challenges and problems and add value to their business
  • We leverage resources to get things done
  • We are responsive and open to different points of view

Challenge: Drive to deliver

  • We understand what best looks like and we deliver this to clients
  • We hold each other to account and we manage consequences
  • We work with discipline and rigour
  • We are energetic and passionate about what we do
  • We have the courage to lead change


We promise to leverage our knowledge, capability and expertise to be driven to deliver leading edge client solutions. To think differently, innovate and deliver market leading results. We commit to listen, understand and challenge.