Our Approach

Our Mission

To create sustainable competitive advantage through innovation that supports property maintenance & management excellence.


Focus on the 4 P's of sourcing excellence:

  • Price: understanding price points within the supply and service arrangements
  • Programs: non-price, added value and productivity benefits
  • Process: key process actions to ensure ongoing sustainability
  • People: professional through commercial skills development and adaptability to changing needs

Our approach encompasses the continual measurement, improvement, refinement and change in how our clients maintain and manage their properties and site portfolios.

This involves focusing on outcomes that are valued by customers, suppliers and employees to ensure service improvement through to the delivery cycle of service deployment and management. We do this by implementing robust maintenance and service requirements and management styles associated with Facilities Management, Assets Management, Environmental Management, Waste Management and Engineering Service requirements which include:

  • maintenance & service management plans, policy, procedures and management systems;
  • requirements for corporate governance;
  • maintenance & service frameworks;
  • detailed responsibilities & accountabilities;
  • resource planning and optimisation;
  • change management;
  • risk management;
  • service schedules that include demand, delivery and performance requirements;
  • development of asset registers detailing service history, condition & maintenance requirements;
  • procurement and contracting processes & procedures;
  • vendor management and resource requirements
  • Occupational Health & Safety plans; and
  • realising productivity, efficiency and financial benefits

We employ a systematic approach that incorporates specific strategic, tactical, and operational components to manage the business critical environment.

Our strategic approach
  • aligns business direction and goals
  • actively engages our clients
    and strategic partners
  • involves comprehensive planning integrating all relevant aspects of the business
  • provides a robust and reliable system of governance
  • is based on detailed property risk management assessments
  • enables proven financial modelling techniques that support cost effective solutions; and
  • results in an end-to-end client focused and innovative solution
Our operational model incorporates
  • highly skilled, passionate, and motivated staff
  • a focus on ‘health and safety above all else’
  • detailed and well-managed transition plans
  • ongoing and results-oriented quality improvement processes
  • optimal maintenance strategies and service standards’; and
  • Innovation in specialty areas crucial to operations; and an informative suite of management reports.
Our tactical solution is built upon
  • a comprehensive library of critical work processes
  • a proven and adaptable compendium of critical work procedures
  • leading edge technologies, industries and global best practices
  • integrated web enabled IT solutions (CMMS, Help Desk, Finance)
  • customised tools to manage compliance (statutory, contractual); and
  • facilities management expertise across a wide range of specialty areas; and a scalable platform, easily adaptable to business dynamics