Code of conduct and ethics

APMS maintains a high level of ethics and integrity which governs APMS approach to providing leading edge services and solutions. APMS has been instrumental in developing a core set of values which is applied consistently across APMS operations. APMS has worked hard to create a culture of excellence around this commitment. APMS exists to uphold these values which is a testament to our governing principals which include: 

Delivering on our promise

We do what we say we will do to meet and exceed client expectations. APMS only promise what we can deliver. We rectify any mistakes we make at no charge to our clients. We are clear about what we need to achieve to serve our clients in return for a healthy commercial gain.

We build trust and respect

We maintain a high level of respect and operate in a safe, socially responsible, consistent and honest manner. We never compromise on safety and we always operate in an ethical and responsible manner. We listen, learn and observe. In doing so, challenge when we see something is wrong to assist in making the situation right.

We bring out the best in people

Our success is predicated from our commitment and energy to encourage our people to go the extra mile. Collectively we are responsible to each other and can and support each other when we need it most. APMS expect our people to achieve more by embracing our values, harnessing the power of individuals. We value people for their knowledge and ideas and willingness to contribute.

We encourage an entrepreneurial culture

APMS is passionate about fostering an innovative and adaptable business. APMS success is based on listening and encouraging our people to generate new ideas to problems and challenges. We trust our people to deliver. We embrace change and, by taking measured risks, encourage creative thinking maintaining a high level of integrity and stewardship.

Ethical and responsible conduct

It is aimed at building a workplace culture of integrity, which strengthens our reputation in the market and in the community, and adds to stakeholder value. The Code is structured to enhance our core values - Integrity, Collaboration, Challenge and Ingenuity. This is done by promoting specific Conduct Principles within each of our values, which guide various policies, programs and training initiatives which impacts our performance, teamwork, inclusion, leadership and growth.

Our Code of Conduct

APMS code of conduct serves as a useful guide for our people, suppliers and partners and outlines our collective commitment to our values and beliefs. Helping us exercise ethical decision making and good judgment – even in difficult situations.

Putting people first

Respecting, supporting and inspiring those we work with (and for) day in, day out. We put the safety of our people, suppliers and partners first as we aim for zero harm in the workplace.

Safety is at the core of our culture and values

Our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Management System provides our people with the tools to keep them safe, no matter where in the world they are working. It recognises that a safe work environment is not just essential for our people, but for our clients and stakeholders as well.

We comply with OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Stake holder management

APMS standing on ethics ensures our overarching strategic objectives underpins the delivery of our vision. To deliver industry-leading advisory and management solutions that meet and exceed the exacting requirements of occupiers, developers, owners and investors, wherever our clients need us to be.

APMS values reflect the blueprint for our company to operate successfully and are consistently applied across our organisation which reflect our company’s strengths and priorities, demonstrated in everything we do, every day on site and off site.

Diversity and Inclusion

The diversity of our people is the true testament of strength for APMS. This is so important to us that we have it embedded in our values: “APMS embrace diversity and respect others by acting with integrity and honesty.

APMS have programmes and policies to foster talent from all walks of life. To ensure a fair working environment where opportunities are available to everyone.

APMS is committed to maintaining a culture based on respect, trust and inclusiveness. Diversity and inclusion to APMS means:

  • Equipping our workforce with the confidence to work within and alongside various cultures
  • Taking advantage of the benefits of different perspectives within leadership groups and project teams
  • Maximising available resources, including attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent
  • Exceeding internal and external expectations for tangible diversity management
  • APMS encourage people from a diverse, age, gender and lifestyle to become part of our organisation. We embrace the insights and values that stem from these diverse backgrounds to build teams rich in diversity. This is imperative for providing the best work environment for our people and the best solutions for every client.
  • APMS Support, encourage and empower our people by providing an environment where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. Our willingness to embrace diversity of thought, background and experience helps us create imaginative and responsive solutions for our clients and the community.
  • APMS is committed to actions that position us as an industry leader, by offering adaptable and flexible working arrangements to support family and caring responsibilities, and to enable people to pursue personal interests.
  • By promoting respect and awareness of Indigenous and other cultures, we continue to build positive relationships with people as friends, clients, stakeholders and colleagues.